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"What a pleasure to discuss mental illness and stigma with Jashan. The topic is vital for personal, social, national, and even international well-being. Young people like Jashan will make a transformative difference in the years to come"

Dr. Stephen Hinshaw

Professor at University of California, Berkeley

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"It was my pleasure to be interviewed by Jashan and I commend him for his interest in helping educate about and destigmatize issues around mental health."

Dr. David Smith

Adjunct Professor at Stanford University


“Jashan contacted me after a book of mine had come out. He was polite and as organized as any high budget podcast. On the day of the interview, he had already sent me the questions, which reflected his research on me and my writing. Jashan allowed the podcast to be about the guest speaker, leaving much space for him/her to speak and develop their thoughts. My sense is that even though he is young, he has had some first-hand view of mental illness and has decided to grab the bull by the horns in getting this podcast off the ground. I can highly recommend it.”

Dr. Mark Rego

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
Yale University School of Medicine


"I enjoyed being a guest on Jashan's Podcast.  He was very professional, asked wonderful questions, and created a spirited and fun dialogue about various topics within psychiatry."

Dr. Jacob Towery

Pediatric and Adult Psychiatrist
Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Stanford University Department of Psychiatry

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